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Vendor self-audit : AMETEK Reynosa Service Center
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Please note this profile is in progress

Nature of Business      
  Yes No N/A
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Repair/Overhaul Facility
Spares Stockist/Supplier
Maintenance Organisation
Sub-Contractor (other)
Description of Business: Services offered are inspection/test repair and overhaul of AMETEK Aircraft sensors

Company Information  
Company Name: AMETEK Reynosa Service Center
Address: Ave. Rio San Juan SN
Parque Industrial del Norte
Reynosa, Tamaulipas
Postcode: 88730
Country: MEXICO
Continent: The Americas
Tel No.: 956 843 4500
Fax: 956 843 4585
CAGE / Company Short Code:
Contact Email address:
Website address:
Approval's held & Approval No.'s (CAA/FAA/MOD/EASA/ISO etc): FAA 24AY707Y
EASA 145.0420
ISO9000 10005037 QM08
AS9100 10005037 ASH
DGAC 349
CAAC F05200546
Release documentation will be (Form 1 /Certificate of Conformity/etc): FAA Form 8130-3
EASA Form 1
DGAC Form 46

Company Structure  
How long has the company been established? 8 years, 0 months
Is there a parent group or controlling interest? AMETEK, INC
Total number of employees: Admin: 7 Production: 12 Inspection: 2
Do you close for holidays?
If Yes, for which periods?
1st week of July
According to Holidays Observed in Annual Calendar
Details of normal working hours: 8 hrs.
Do you provide AOG out of hours support? Yes
Can deliveries be made at weekends/public holidays? Yes
Do you hold stock?
(If Yes, give details on following page by ticking applicable ATA)
What warranties/technical guarantees are given with the products? 6 months after shipping date
What guarantees will be given to replace sub-standard/rejected goods? Full warranty up to 6 mnonths of shipping date

Stockist, Suppliers, OEMs or Repair/Overhaul Facilities to complete following table:
ATA Ref: Supply OH/Repair
- 00-00 - Various
- 11-00 - Placards
- 21-00 - Air Conditioning
- 22-00 - Auto Flight
- 23-00 - Communications
- 24-00 - Electrical Power
- 25-00 - Equipment/Furnishings
- 26-00 - Fire Protection
- 27-00 - Flight Controls
- 28-00 - Fuel
- 29-00 - Hydraulic Power
- 30-00 - Ice & Rain Protection
- 31-00 - Instruments
- 32-00 - Landing Gear
- 33-00 - Lights
- 34-00 - Navigation
- 35-00 - Oxygen
- 36-00 - Pneumatic
- 38-00 - Water & Waste
- 45-00 - Software
- 49-00 - APU
- 52-00 - Doors
- 53-00 - Fuselage
- 54-00 - Nacelles/Pylons
- 55-00 - Stabilisers
- 56-00 - Windows
- 57-00 - Wings
- 71-00 - Power Plant
- 72-00 - Engine
- 73-00 - Engine Fuel/Control
- 74-00 - Ignition
- 75-00 - Air
- 76-00 - Engine Controls
- 77-00 - Engine Indicating
- 78-00 - Exhaust
- 79-00 - Oil
- 80-00 - Starting

Contact Information    
Responsibility for liaison for: Name: Tel No./Ext:
CEO/Accountable Manager: Joel Gutierrez 956 843 4500
Purchasing: Alejandra Cantu 956 843 4577
Order Progression: Ulises Navarrete 956 843 4039
Technical: Omar Ochoa 956 843 4024
Quality Assurance: Javier Valenzuela 956 843 4500

What facilities do you have for:  
Handling? 10,000 sq. ft
Storage? 10,000 sq. ft
Packing? 10,000 sq. ft
Preservation? A/C and Temperature controlled where required

How will deliveries be made? FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc. to
1701 Industrial Blvd
Hidalgo, Tx 78557
Whose transport? Customer

Brief description of items/services provided (please use 'Upload' function below to supply copy of capability list): Inspect / Test Repair and Overhaul
Capability List uploaded

Does your organisation have: Yes No N/A
1. A recognised Quality Management System?

Supplied details:
EASA, FAR, ISO, Other - no detail
2. A documented Quality Manual?
3. A formal, continuous analysis and surveillance programme to ensure compliance with customer and OEM technical and regulatory requirements?
4. Does this programme include corrective actions for non-compliance?
5. Work Process/Procedures Manual?
6. A process to ensure that all supplied parts are shipped with the appropriate airworthiness release documentation?
(please use 'Upload' function below to supply copy of release documentation)
7. Written instructions and formalised procedures used for all specific tasks and shop work orders?
8. Records of processing, inspections and testing (including sub-contracted work) maintained at this facility?
9. Are records maintained, at this facility, of technical, OJT and formal training of technical staff?
10. A formal Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive (ESDS) parts handling
programme for electronic parts/parts with printed circuits?
11. A formalised process for active control of all life-limited parts and shelf life limited parts and materials?
12. A formalised process for storage of parts in accordance with Part 145 A.M.C. 145.A.25(d)?
13. A process to ensure acceptable condition of components received and shipped?
14. Does the quality system assure that all AD's, which have been accomplished, are documented?
15. An internal audit system?
16. A supplier audit system?
17. A suspected unapproved parts programme?
18. Does the inspection programme include procedure for reporting unapproved parts i.a.w CAA AWN and/or FAA Advisory Circular / Part 145.A.60 (a) and (d)?
19. A formalised process for scrapping of aircraft parts that includes mutilation to prevent re-use?
20. A formalised process for active control of all non-conforming parts and materials?
21. A formalised process for the identification (tagging), segregation and handling of non-conforming parts?
22. A formalised process that ensures the identification of customer units?
23. Are all records (including manufacturer lot, date of receipt and other individual identifications of piece parts/materials) retained for 2 years minimum?
24. A formal in-house calibration programme for test and measuring equipment?
25. Does the calibration programme actively control adherence to the calibration time schedules?
26. Will facility provide shop findings/tear down reports (attached to all returned customer units) when so indicated on Purchase order?
27. Do you hold ASA Accreditation in accordance with AC-0056A? ASA
28. Are you a member of EASO?EASO
29. Are you approved by any other commercial organisations?

Supplied names of commercial organisations:
30. Does this facility sub-contract any of its business?

Supplied details:

Upload Documents      
Document type: Document name: Expires: Options:
Certification  RSC FAA 24AY707Y Jun 2015.pdf 30/06/2015 View
Certification  RSC CAAC F005200546 June 2015.pdf 29/06/2015 View
Certification  EASA.pdf N/A View
Certification  EASA Continued Validity July 2014.pdf 16/07/2014 View
Certification  AS9100 REV C Valid to August 2015.pdf 08/12/2015 View
Capability List  Capability List Rev. 30.pdf N/A View
Capability List  CAAC AMETEK Reynosa Service Center Capability List Rev 2.pdf N/A View

Questionnaire completed by:  
Name: Javier Valenzuela
Position: Quality Manager

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